Dear friends,

Some of our colleagues have been very active. They have done some translations and or have written down some of their professional experiences and are willing and ready to share their work with the rest of their BOAF-Family. This can only open the communication among each other, and maybe create a stronger family bond. 

Instead of printing the full article out, we will split the articles in different episodes and send you regularly a BOAF News & Article member blast. 

I encourage you all to follow this wonderful initiative. Many thanks to Stefan Guba and Uwe Seese, who made the first steps to make this come true.


Stefan Collier - Dean BOAF

The next issues of our BOAF News & Articles will only be available for our BOAF-Members, and published on this site in the Member-Section.

This is another reason to become a BOAF-Member. Do not wait any longer, just sign up!