What is ICBO?

A community of like minded organizations which believes that in working together we are stronger in supporting the behavioral optometry and vision therapy community worldwide.

ICBO is not an entity in its own right, but a collective of international organizations with their own identities and structures. 

It will not seek to replace or compete with its member organizations.


  • To share information and resources between organizations in the spirit of mutual benefit,
  • To develop strategies and resources to overcome language barriers,
  • To do so in a democratic and collaborative spirit where all member organizations have equal equity and voice,
  • To create an environment to share, learn and develop.



BOAF-EASO is participating in an exciting international project called ICBO ONE.  

We’re very excited to announce a brand new resource for BOAF-EASO members: The ICBO One app for your smart phone or tablet.

This year-round social network and information exchange community is dedicated to serving and advancing the global behavioral optometry family. The app will empower you and members from all International Coalition of Behavioral Optometry (ICBO) partner organizations around the world to network, share, and learn together like never before.  

In addition, ICBO One is your portal to ICBO partner events because it contains within it the conference apps for ICBO partner events. That means, rather than downloading a whole new app, attendees to these events use ICBO One to access a portion of the app dedicated to that event.

ICBO One is the official mobile app for ICBO partner organizations and their members. Thank you to HOYA / EYECARROT / GOODLITE / VIVID VISION for making this app possible through their generous sponsorship. 

Become a BOAF-EASO Member and communicate with the global behavioral optometry family. Download ICBO One and keep the energy and spirit of ICBO alive year round! See you on ICBO One!

ICBO 2018 - 26-29 April 2018 - Sydney, Australia!

"Establishing the Future"

ICBO 2018 is just 1 year away! The countdown to this incredible event is underway!

Visit www.icbo.events for details as they come available. Call for papers/posters will open May 15th and registration will open October 2017.




  • Australian College of Behavioural Optometry (ACBO) - Australia - Link --->
  • Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation (BOAF - EASO) - Europe - Link --->
  • British Association of Behavioural Optometrist Optometrists (BABO) - UK - Link --->
  • Canadian Optometrists in Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation (COVT&R) - Canada - Link --->
  • Consejo Mexicano de Optometria Funcional (COMOF) - Mexico - Link --->
  • eyecarrot - Canada - Link --->
  • HOYA -Vision Care Europe - Link --->
  • Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF) - USA - Link --->
  • Sociedad International de Optometria  del desarollo y del comportamiento (SIODEC) - Spain - Link --->
  • Vivid Vision - USA - Link --->