The Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation (BOAF) is a network of highly qualified and interdisciplinary open minded Optometrists, with a specialist interest in how vision affects human performance.

The purpose of this non-profit foundation is to improve and advance Behavioral Optometry/Functional Optometry/Developmental Optometry, Syntonic Optometry, Neuro-Optometric rehabilitation (here after called Behavioral Optometry) towards the goal of better serving humanity in the care of the precious gift of vision.

„BOAF“, provides, post graduate seminars, meetings, workshops, articles and much more, for spreading the word about this wonderful profession. Investing in education on Behavioral Optometry is very important for the professional daily work.

BOAF, established in 2012, provides board certification for Optometrists and their vision staff who are prepared to offer state-of-the-art services in:

Visual rehabilitationBehavioral and developmental vision careSyntonic Optometry light trainingVision training

These specialized vision care services develop and enhance visual abilities and re-balance many vision problems in infants, children and adults.

Specialized vision care is based on the principle that good vision is developed through a learned process and therefore can be changed. 


Because "BOAF" is a multilingual organization this website is featured with "Google-Translate". But, we also provided three separate language sections: German, Italian and English. The CALENDAR-Section is in English with "Google" Translation.

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