Meet top speakers in the field of Behavioral Optometry / Syntonic Optometry, and hear them share their latest research and discoveries.

  • - Dr. Robert Sanet - Dr. Geoff Shayler - Dr. Deborah Zelinsky - Dr. Lynnette Burgess - Dr. Todd Wylie - Dr. Phil Bugaiski -Petri Eskola -  

For our BOAF-EASO Fifth International Annual Conference we have chosen as thematic:

”The Language of Vision - Understanding? - Being Understood?"

  • How many languages and which diversity of language do we have in Vision?
  • Do we as Behavioral Optometrist understand and know them all?
  • What Vision language is our patient showing us?
  • Does our patient understand his own Vision Language?
  • Are we, Behavioral Optometrist, really understood?
  • Is our patient with his own Vision really understood?

It will be a 3 day journey full of aspects of basic observations and evaluations of patients with different Vision problems.

International speakers will guide you how you can develop your Vision in Behavioral-Developmental-Functional-Syntonic-Neuro Optometry.

Not only the presentations will sharpen your Vision, but sharing your Vision with your colleagues during the breaks and at our BOAF-EASO Cocktail and Gala-Dinner is an unforgetable experience.

The ”EVENTHOTEL PYRAMIDE" in the south of Vienna is the ideal venue which provides ultimate peace and relaxation to assimilate the Behavioral Optometric language of Vision.  This remarcable venue is only a stone's throw away from Vienna.

Looking forward to see you all at our Fifth BOAF-EASO Conference.



Jürgen Eichinger

President BOAF-EASO



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  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: August 11, 2016

Greetings from Vienna:

ICBO-One App - For better Communication and Information Sharing. - Thank you HOYA Vision Care Europe & VIVID VISION.

ICBO-One App - For better Communication and Information Sharing. - Thank you HOYA Vision Care Europe & VIVID VISION.

The program will be held in the English language with translation into: German - Spanish - Italian. ***

*** Italian Translation will be available only when the minimum of attendance is reached for that specific language.

Thank you ICBO Partners and Sponsors for your support and help for making the Fifth BOAF-EASO International Annual Conference an Unforgetable Event.

Thank you Hoya Vision Care Europe for making the event app - ICBO-One app and thanks VIVID VISION, Eye Carrot for the BOAF event App . All informations on ICBO and their events will be available on the App.

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