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COVT&R - 2nd Web Based Study Group Gathering

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COVT&R - 2nd Web Based Study Group Gathering

COVT&R in collaboration with BOAF presents their 2nd web based study group gathering.


Further discussions on Ciuffreda Studies:

  • Vision disturbances following traumatic brain injury.
  • Clinical oculomotor training in traumatic brain injury


  • Dr. April Eryou
  • Technical support - Stefan Collier


This event is only accessible to COVT&R -and BOAF Members.

For more information and/or enrollment use the following possible links:

After identity check you will receive a personal invitation from the BOAF Online Academy to join the COVT&R Web based Study Group gathering.


  • Canadian - Toronto Time : 9AM (09.00H)
  • European - Swiss Time: 3PM (15.00H)

This Event is in English without Any Translation!

This Study Group Event will be Video recorded and will be available online for all participants.