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Behavioral Optometry News Blog

We welcome you to the Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation News Blog section.

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Susanne Nagel, Ihre Stimme die uns vertraut war schweigt.

Stefan Collier

"Liebe Familie Nagel,
der Tod Ihrer Frau, eurer Mutter, unserer langjährigen Kollegin, macht uns traurig und betroffen. All die Jahre haben wir sehr gerne mit ihr gearbeitet. Sogar die Meinungsverschiedenheiten und fachlichen Diskussionen haben Spaß gemacht, weil sie sich darauf verstand, gut und konstruktiv zu streiten. Ihre Kompetenz, Ihre ganze Art haben wir sehr geschätzt. Dass das nun alles vorbei sein soll - unvorstellbar.
Seien Sie unseres Mitgefühls gewiss.
Ihr BOAF Vorstand, Kollegen und Mitglieder"

Liebe Suzie,

durch deine Arbeit und dein Buch, bleibst du immer mit uns verbunden.

Danke für dein unglaubliches Engagement.

Susanne Nagel.png


Stefan Collier

 Link  --->

Link --->

The 5th International SIODEC Congress of Behavioral Optometry and Vision Therapy will take place in the Hotel Beatriz in Toledo, Spain from May 18th to20th, 2017. 

The Congress will feature national and international speakers well-known in general vision concepts and Vision Therapy and the presentations will deal with the latest scientific and neurological advances in Vision Rehabilitation. 

This will be the first Behavioral Vision Congress in the world to simultaneously  offer presentations in both Spanish and English.  

The SIODEC Congress is an essential event for Optometrists who specialize in Vision Therapy.  And attendees will also be able to enjoy the beautiful historic city of Toledo.

Congress preparations have already begun, and the program will soon be finalized.

If you would like more information regarding this event, visit, or email

Robert C. Pepper, O.D. obit article

Stefan Collier

 Robert C.Pepper, O.D.

Robert C.Pepper, O.D.

Robert C. Pepper, O.D., passed away in April 2016.

Bob was one of developmental/behavioral optometry’s great thinkers and innovators. He put together a comprehensive approach to vision training/therapy that he called: MAVE (Motor, Auditory, and Visual Education) and later called Stress- Point Learning. .....

Pepper obit article - Link --->

Article by Ray Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D. COVD, CSO. Dean, College of Syntonic Optometry -


Stefan Collier

The BOAF-EASO sponsor, SYntonac International LLC, has published their first Issue of their Online Magazine ”Tips and Pearls".

Articles you should read:

  • Optic Switchboard by Yvonne Frei - (page 4)
  • Retinoscopy Filter Testing by Stefan Collier - (page 8)

Magazine link --->


Stefan Collier

Most people don't realize that you need 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports and in life. Seeing "100%" is just one of those visual skills.