BOAF’s 2nd invitational meeting

November 17-18, 2019 - Bolzano - Italy

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Thanks to the immense success of our First Invitational Meeting in 2017 and the request to continue this type of Annual Meetings, all members decided to have BOAF’s 2nd Invitational Meeting in their favorite spot. The Meeting will take place on November 17-18, 2019 in Hotel Eberle in Bolzano - Italy.

”LOOKING FOR VISION" is the topic for BOAF’s 2nd Invitational Meeting

As you already know, an Invitational is a special form of Meeting. One can imagine this as a question/answer game. There are no rigid lectures, but each one asks questions, questions that personally burn him under the nails and she/he immediately receives answers. Answers from practitioners and for the practice, from the auditorium, from the board and from the instructors of BOAF.

We managed it and it is with great happiness that Stefan Collier accepted, again, the moderation of the congress. Stefan will lead the congress in his unique way. This time he takes us on a special quest. Together we look for Vision. Doubts will rise and Stefan will ensure that every question is answered professionally correctly and comprehensibly and some answers will also be put into practice via group workshop.

This type of congress is unimaginably sophisticated, especially for the moderator of the event. That is why our 2019 Annual Meeting will surely be unique, a repetition is absolutely unlikely. 

So that we can all participate in the congress we will shorten it to two days, Sunday the 17th and Monday the 18th of November 2019 and will take place in Beautiful Bolzano- Italy.

We would like to thank in advance all collaborators for their efforts to make this 2nd BOAF Invitational Meeting an unforgettable event.

Looking forward to see you all in Bolzano!


Jürgen Eichinger

President BOAF-EASO

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The Hotel Eberle, only a short walk from the unique city of Bolzano, lies in southern part of South Tyrol. With its peaceful and idyllic location amid the vineyards, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. The ideal place for BOAF’s 2nd Invitational Meeting.

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