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The 6th Annual BOAF Conference on Behavioral Optometry and Syntonic Optometry was held on October 27-28-29, 2018 in Torino-Italy. The theme for this year was: ”Vision in Balance".

12 top presenters: Dr. Patricia Fink, Dr. Paolo Tacconella, Achim Lippert, Anita Zach, Wolfgang Glettler, Dr. Sabrina Prudenzano, Dr. Sofia Vicentini, Suzanne Jasperse, Frank Hardy, Sabine Zirngibl, Jürgen Eichinger, and Sabine Tolksdorf brought the pieces of these Behavioral Optometric questions together. Unfortunately Hartmut Wander couldn’t present his lecture. We wish him a quick recovery.

The presentations were in English, Italian and German with simultaneous translation in Italian, English and German.

There were Colleagues from Canada, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom and Belgium.

During the breaks exhibitors presented their optometric novelties. Of course, we had our BOAF annual members meeting „Opening cocktail“ and a „Gala evening with an amazing band“ never to forget.

We want to congratulate our New BOAF-EASO Fellow, Wolfgang Glettler, for an amazing Fellowship examination completion.

6th Annual BOAF Conference Brochure:

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Presentation Downloads

All the presentations are still available on our special Presentation map on this website. We also added some pictures of this unforgettable event. Enjoy the Flash Back.

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