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The„BOAF“, provides, post graduate seminars, meetings, workshops, articles and much more, for spreading the word about this wonderful profession. Investing in education on Behavioral Optometry is very important for the professional daily work.

BOAF'S vision is to drive through clinical excellence and research in Behavioral Optometry. This will result in wider adaptation of Optometric Vision Therapy - Syntonic Optometric Therapy - Neuro Optometric Therapy and increased recognition of its integral role in enhancing learning, productivity, creating Vision balance and overall quality of life.

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Creating balance is all about harmony. So, when you see something that looks nice with a sense of consistency and similarity, most likely you observe a perfectly balanced composition. It can be an object in nature, a painting, a building, a photography or even a website.

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You probably already know what balance is, but visual balance in the Vision system may sound tricky to you. Especially when your patients may show you different forms of visual balance. Such as: Symmetrical Balance/Unbalance, Asymmetrical Balance/Unbalance, Horizontal Balance/Unbalance, Vertical Balance/Unbalance.

Most people don't realize that you need 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports and in life. Seeing "100%" is just one of those visual skills.

The Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation provides knowledge in how you as a professional can create Balance and Harmony to your patients.