The BOAF-EASO Online-Academy

BOAF-EASO Continuing Education offers online seminars, member meetings and much more. Similar to Skype or Google Hangouts Platform helps you to collaborate with other people directly via the Internet and the without download or installation of the webinar software but with whiteboard and recording function.

We look forward to welcome you on our BOAF Online-Academy. It certainly will be againvvery exciting!

Future events

  • For complete information and registration for all BOAF-EASO Online-Academy Events, go to Webinar Calendar on this website. Link --->
  • Or go directly to the Platform. Link --->


The following topics are scheduled in our program:

  • Member Forum - Meetings in different languages and ondifferent topics.
  • Functional/Behavioral/Developmental Optometry Basic Seminars.
  • Functional/Behavioral/Developmental Optometry Continuing Education in depth.
  • Syntonic Optometry Basic Seminars.
  • Syntonic Optometry Continuing Education in depth.
  • Visual Training.
  • Neuro-Optometric-Reha.
  • And much more ...

We also offer custom - at up to 10 persons with Stefan Collier as a speaker - custom webinars or in small groups.

  • Of course, other speakers are possible.
  • This private webinars are only BOAF-EASO members.
  • If you are interested in this possibility, log on to the BOAF office and Mention To what subject and in which time period you want it. The participants obtain the webinar documents and the video that you can always watch online.

How to participate?

First steps for participants

1. Book a webinar

On your event’s detail page there is a button “book”/ “participate”right above the description of the webinar. If your webinar has more than one date, choose your favourite date in the list and then click on the button. If you did not register or sign in before, you have to do this in the next step. Now you have an overview of your webinars and in chargeable webinars, you have to choose a payment method. Fill in your payment data as well as your billing address and accept the terms and conditions after having checked them. To book the webinar bindingly, click on the button “book with costs”. A link to your webinar which you will also get in an e-mail, appears. When your booking is accepted by the trainer, the button “enter room” comes out at your webinar page. With this button you will come into the virtual classroom.

2. Upload profile picture

Upload a profile photo to make your profile more individual. You can upload a photo under "Contact details" in your settings. Click on the link “edit profile photo” and in the next step on “select image”. Choose your favourite photo but consider that it may have a maximum size of 1 MB. Select the wanted sector and then click on “save image”.

3. Check system

The installation of a software is not necessary for the participation in webinars. You only need a PC, a browser which is up-to-date with a Flash-Plugin, an internet connection (minimum 6000 DSL line recommended) and speakers. We advise you to make a System Check before you take part in a webinar, so that your internet connection, your Flash Player, your sound and camera (optional) is checked. If your bandwidth is not good enough, we advise you to use a lan-connection with cable instead of Wi-Fi because a wireless connection can lead to ups and downs. Moreover, the newest version of the Adobe Flash Player should be installed on your PC to avoid problems in the virtual classroom.

4. Enter a webinar

On the page of your booked webinar there is a button “enter room” with which you come to the virtual classroom of your webinar. To enter the virtual classroom, you have to allow the Flash Player’s settings for your microphone and your camera. Make a check mark in the field. Before the online seminar starts, you are in the lobby. There you can check your camera and your sound if you want to. Moreover, you can communicate with other participants in the chat. When the trainer starts the webinar, all the participants will come automatically into the virtual classroom.

5. Evaluate a webinar

After you have taken part in a webinar, you have the possibility to evaluate this event. You have one week to do this, after that the possibility of evaluation ends. To evaluate a webinar, click on the bell on the left side of your name in the menu on top. There, an orange number shows you how many events you have not yet evaluated. You can give 1-6 stars for each event. Besides, you can comment on your rating to explain your evaluation. If you don’t want to evaluate a webinar, you have to click on “I don't want to rate it”.

6. Buy video

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-05 um 13.23.54.png

For some webinars trainers offer recordings which can be for free or free of charge. When you participated in a webinar which has a video, it is available for free for you. You can find the recordings on the webinar page. When you are logged in, you can see the button “watch video”. When you click on it, the Mediabox will open and on the right side you can see all the recordings the trainer offers for this event. Now you can choose your favourite recording and watch it. If you have already watched a recording, you can also call it up in the list of your watched videos.
If you are only interested in a video without taking part in the webinar, you can find the video on the webinar page. Click on “watch video” and you will come to the Mediabox. If the video is free, you directly come to the Mediabox, else you first have to finish the payment process to come to the available videos. Bought videos are always online available for you. Receiving a recording as a DVD or download is unfortunately not possible.