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Fourth Annual Conference Berlin 2015

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Fourth Annual Conference Berlin 2015

Stefan Collier

The fourth Annual BOAF Conference on Behavioral Optometry was held on October 2-4, 2015 in Berlin. The theme for this year was: “I‘m Amblyopic-Strabismic, WHO AM I?“.

Three top speakers; Dr. Samantha Slotnick, Profesora Pilar Vergara and Dr. Susan Daniel, brought Pieces of this Behavioral Optometric question together.

As a lead up to the main conference we offered a Pre-Conference. The first workshops explained the Norbekov Method. The second workshop presented by Yvonne Frei and Stefan Collier gave more inside on the application of Local-Focal Syntonic Optometry.

During breaks exhibitors presented their optometric novelties. Of course, we had our BOAF annual members meeting „Opening cocktail“ and a „Gala evening“ not to be missed.


Video Flashback

Our dear BOAF-Member, Manfred Siekmann made a wonderful video:

” 4th BOAF Conference Berlin 2015 - ”A FAIRY Tale"

This video is available in English and German. But, is only accessable with a password and therefore only abailable for BOAF-EASO members. Another reason to join BOAF-EASO!