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Behavioral Optometry News Blog

We welcome you to the Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation News Blog section.

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Stefan Collier

Message from Bob Williams

 Leslie and Bob Williams at BOAF First Annual Conference 2012 -Bolzano-Italy

Leslie and Bob Williams at BOAF First Annual Conference 2012 -Bolzano-Italy

Friends, Family and Loved ones,

Leslie passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon with Erin and I by her side. After nearly a year of fighting to return from her brain injury, we all knew it was time for her to go.  She was loved by so many and had given so much, she will be missed.

No services are planned for now.  The family will hold a Celebration of Life later in the year, tentatively scheduled for April 30.    

Those interested in honoring her many gifts to humanity are asked to make contributions to either:

Wetlands Wildlife Center (WWCC)
21900 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

ADK Sorority
attn:  Carol Valcarsel
7766 Seabreeze Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Leslie served as a Wildlife Care Provider at the Wetlands for many years.  The Center cares for small injured and orphaned animals and birds.  She loved the Center and its mission.

ADK is a retired teachers sorority that provides educational services and support.  A few years ago Leslie worked to obtain a small grant to a school in Mexico that provided vision and learning services to challenged school children.

We are all greater that she was among us for so short a time and the lesser that she is gone.

With Love to All,

Bob and Family