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  • Hotel Eberle S. Maddalena 39100, Bolzano Italy (map)

BOAF - EASO - CSO Syntonic Optometry

Class 101

Presenter: Stefan Collier

Seminar is in Italian / Without Translation!

A two-day basic course, provides participants with in depth knowledge of Syntonic Optometry - Syntonic Phototherapy history, theory and hands-on application of the basic Syntonic diagnostic and clinical protocols.

Attendees will learn to look for the source of common visual problems through visual field, pupil and binocular testing unique to Syntonics and to apply light to rebalance and remediate the symptoms.

What typical Syntonic Optometry Syndromes do we know and what are the basic filter combinations that we use?

How to apply Syntonic Therapy? We will also cover concepts like Nascentization and Syntonic Morphological analyses.

Syntonic-Optometry cases are discussed in the form of a workshop.

Do not miss this Class!





On Italian request, the Seminar attendees will have the opportunity to pre-order on the Seminar registration form, the Syntonac Basic Filter Carton Set. The set will only be given at the seminar for those who have pre-ordered. There will be no sale at the seminar.

This is the ideal Starter set of filter combinations you will need for most of your Syntonic Optometry patients. The proposed Foxy Gray frame set at only 39€, includes 12 filter combinations: Alpha-Omega, Alpha-Delta, Alpha-Theta, Mu-Delta, Mu-Upsilon, Upsilon-Omega, Upsilon-Omega-D, Omega-N, Pi-Omega, Stimulant, Depressant, Neurasthenia.

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